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Humble High School
1700 Wilson Road
Humble, TX 77338

Phone:(281) 641-6300
Fax: (281) 641-6517

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This is a private website intended only for students that attended Humble High School in Humble, TX. Former and current staff members are also permitted to register. All new registrations will have to be verified by either the site administrator or their class administrator.

Newest Members

Chris Stone

Class of 99'
Ed Mays

Class of 82'
Jennifer Basta (Warmuth)

Class of 93'
Ann Cox

Class of 94'
Dionne Haring (Savage)

Class of 06'
Kirstie Clark

Class of 09'
Janet Cowart (Dearing)

Class of 82'
Karen Gilbert (Puckett)

Class of 82'
Donna Barrett (Wisenbaker)

Class of 82'
Sean Foley

Class of 03'
Joseph Gallipeau

Class of 75'
Veronica Hernandez

Class of 97'
Jeanne Sheree Tullos

Class of 93'
Candi Johnson (Ingram)

Class of 85'
Monte Mittag

Class of 80'
Megan Lee

Class of 09'
Collins Hooper

Class of 94'
Dominique Gasdia

Class of 86'
Alexis Loud (Aguilar)

Class of 01'
Marisa Ginn (Agosta)

Class of 91'
Yvonne Brown

Class of 97'
William Deblase

Class of 65'
Christopher Rea

Class of 04'
Leonard Moreno

Class of 92'
Michelle McDonald

Class of 98'
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